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Anonymus on June 23, 2017, 4:53 am



Can someone please tell me where the database is stored


different users

The address book was installed on a computer with multiple users. If the user that installed the program and created the database is logged in the program works fine. If another users logs in and tries to open the address book it only gives you 6 entries. How can multiple users use the same database?


Database Password

Dear Sir/Madam
I created my database backup using Free Address Book software (Version When I open the data base it asks me a password while I have never set a password on it. Beside I can not to restore this anymore. Could you please give me a solution for that? It should be noted that there is no password setting option in my software and I don't know where and when this pass has been set.


Anonymus on April 5, 2017, 6:49 am



When Printing the Address Book, there are 12 Entries/Addresses, that are missing
between the first and second page ? ? Anybody give me a clue, Why ?

...only way at the moment ...
I can print the first page by highlighting (selecting) those items (hit print) and than printing the
second page separately, by selecting the items that are to be on the second. (hit print again)
for the second page. ?? Is this necessary ?

Thanks in advance. John V

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