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Solution for error (hiba a konfigurációs fájl olvasása kozben)


This error is a conflict of the temporary folder created for the application;

The solution for this error is:

1) Open folder of perfil user:

For ex.

c:\Documents and Settings\perfil_user\Local Settings\Application Data\

2) Delete the folder GAS Softwares.

3) Run the application


(hiba a konfigurációs fájl olvasása kozben)

Hello i did the solution for error but a new error came up.

Programe cannot create your database or it is corrupt.
C:\Users\stefanos\AppData\Roaming\GAS Softwares\Free Address Book\AddressBook_2.0.mdb is not valid.

plz help


connection string

Please help,

everything was fine for a year and after having almost entire collection of contacts at one place, suddenly there is a NOTE: Angol - A kavetkezo konfiguracios beallitas new magnefelo: connectionstring. Please keep me updated is there any solution for the problem? It is really important and kind of emergency for me. Tnx in advance.


security code

I would like to lock my fields with a security code.
So, I'll be the only one to have accessibility into them.
Is this possible for this program?

Anonymus on June 19, 2014, 8:45 am


I had stored and used free address book in desktop. Now I want to send the address book with datas to my email Id.Please explain how to do.

Thanks & Regards,



Backup says it is restored, but it is not

I saved the database and reformatted my computer. I reloaded the program, and press "Restore Your Database" and The Free Address Book says, "Backup restored successfully". and I close the window. And my address book remains EMPTY... help.


create custom fields

I would like to create my own custom fields, instead of what is given in the program. I do not require Account No., Tax No., etc. Is it possible ?

Anonymus on May 19, 2014, 12:35 am


how to find duplicate

need to separate duplicates



Re: Printing a contact list

See my note "Anonymus" listed below

This might be a simple question but have you selected the contacts you want to print?


Address book merge 2 groups

Is it possible to merge 2 groups into one? and if so How?

Anonymus on April 4, 2014, 5:11 pm



Printing a contact list

I have written many times about this problem. I am unable to print a contact list. All I get is a blank page when I try to print a contact list.I also tried to contact some one for information. I am a heart patient and I don,t need this aggravation,. I also went to questions and replies. I was unable to get a reply from you. Please let me know I can resolve this problem with out loosing all my contacts. If you can't resolve this problem please tell me what I can do. Are new phone programs compatible with FREE phone book programs. Thank You Mike Kidd

Re: Printing a contact list

See my note "Anonymus" listed below

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