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Updation of records

I am facing a unique problem.

I have more than 1600 contacts. However, when I try to update an existing record & then use save & close/ save & new to store the changes, many a times, the record is not found in the list.
the updation could pertain to one or more fields at a time, mainly by addition of new information.

am I doing something wrong?


Cannot find AddressBook_2.0.mdb in installation package and in Portable version

After installing of the application AddressBook_2.0.mdb is not created in the path mentioned in connection string.
Portable version also does not have db file.
Could you write where I can find it?

Anonymus on February 21, 2016, 7:37 pm


Change picture dimensions

How I can change picture dimensions? I need 1024x768px, but now are 600px and 436px. Need better quality for this option.



Serach 2 phrases

Is it possible to search 2 or more phrases

For example, i want to search all johns that have mail account on ?



how do I add or delete fields in address book

Anonymus on January 15, 2016, 12:16 pm



RE: Password

Dear User,

We added a secret general password to the database file, which prevent the user access from outer application like Access. It was necessary, because many user asked the password protection feature. That general password is not equal with user password, this only protect the database structure and to access data from Access.

Thank you for understanding.


So what is the general secret password to access the file in MS Access?


Duplicate records

Hi, is there a setting where i can prevent duplicate records from being imported?



Hi, what is the access db password?

Anonymus on December 30, 2015, 11:25 pm



First notice askes to upgrade to 1.5.0 second notice asks to upgrade to 1.8. I downloaded upgrade, installed it and nothing changed. I have old version 1.4.5 and new software wisheds to delete it. I have made a CSV back up to protect my data.
What do you suggest?

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