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Can a shared database be reached from more computers within a local network?

Yes, a database within a local network can be reached from more computers. This option has existed from the beginnings, however in the later versions numerous of problems have been corrected which increases the using of the sharing in a network as well as it eliminates basic program mistakes.

Choose a computer on the network, where the database wanted to be stored, then copy the database to be shared to a chosen path. This folder is shared in a way that all the other computers in the network have authorization to write and read. The path of the network database is given at the configuration file of the other computers.

You can read more about how to give or change the path at Can I change the default path of the database file? A path of a changed configuration file can be the following:

connectionString="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=\network-pcFreeAddressBookAddressBook_2.0.mdb"
In case of a shared database file editing can be performed from more computers. Connections, groups and personal fields can be created, edited or deleted. If one of these editing is performed on a computer, programs on other computers also update the changes. Updating can be also asked by the user by pressing F5 function on the list or it can set an automatic updating at the Tools -> Other -> Network settings part. If it is allowed, the program performs data updating automatically at the set intervals.