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Where can I find the database file?

The program stores data in the Microsoft Access database file. The place of this file can change according to the type of the programme, if an installed or a portable version is used. In case of an installed version, the database file changes according to the operating system which can be found in the Windows user’s own folder.
  • XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\[user's folder]\Application Data\GAS Softwares\Free Address Book\AddressBook_2.0.mdb
  • Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10:
    C:\Users\[user's folder]\AppData\Roaming\GAS Softwares\Free Address Book\AddressBook_2.0.mdb
  • The [user’s folder] marked in the paths is the name of the logged in user.
  • In case of an XP operating system the Application Data is a hidden folder, and in case of the others AppData folders are hidden. „Displaying of hidden folders” option has to be switched on in Windows in order to display them.
  • In case of older versions of Free Address Book version, the database name is AddressBook.mdb

In case of a portable version, the database file can be found in the folder of the programme, also by the name of AddressBook_2.0.mdb.

The database is created during starting of the programme. If a database file has already existed on the given path, (for example which was created by an older version) the programme uses it.

NOTE: The version which is older than the version used another structure. That is why if you switch from a programme like this to a newer version, you have to convert your old data into the new database manually. It can be done by the Tools -> Export – Import -> Import contacts from older version menu item.