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Where it is not recommended to remove a database?

Into folders which is under a surveillance of the operating system or other antivirus programme, which can block the programme to use the database file.


  • The [user’s folder] marked in the paths is the name of the logged in user.
  • In case of an XP operating system the Application Data is a hidden folder, and in case of the others AppData folders are hidden. „Displaying of hidden folders” option has to be switched on in Windows in order to display them.
  • The default setting is that Windows hides the extension of the files. That is why just AddressBook.exe can be seen of the AddressBook.exe.config file.
  • In case of an installed version, the folder of the program is the following (unless we have given another path during installation) :C:Program Files (x86)GAS SoftwaresFree Address Book . In case of newer Windows (Vista, Win7, Win8, Windows 10) editing and saving of AddressBook.exe.config file can be possible just by administrator authorization.

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