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Floyd D

“I just downloaded Free Address Book and I absolutely love it. Thank you for your work in developing it. I have tried numerous address books and none of them do what I want. Yours does!”

Wayne D Holt, Publications Manager, City of Pasadena, Texas

“When I was tasked to find a replacement for the contact directory our 1000-person organization uses, I knew we needed a simple, yet flexible, application that was easy to bulk import into, could give fast returns on any text string, was visually pleasing and--very importantly--was cost effective. After thoroughly checking out eight applications that were recommended to us, GAS Softwares' Address Book was my hands-down favorite.

Out of the box, it was an instant improvement in providing fast returns and a logical layout of info that even the most tech-challenged of our employees could master. The icing on the cake was when we consulted with GAS Softwares Team for code customization specific to our needs. They provided exactly what we were looking for, with fantastic communication and timely execution, all at a very competitive rate.

I can honestly say that our experience with GAS Softwares has been a 100% positive experience; we got what we wanted, when we wanted it and within budget. How often can you say that about a vendor these days? Great going, guys!”

Kian Pars, IND Group

“Thanks for your software. I have it sine Version 1.0 and all things works great. Thanks for all of the things.”

Asim Ahmed

“Excellent Tool both for personal & Business use. Upgrades are making it better & better all along.
Love to stick with it even if it is going to cost me money.”

Charlie Parker

“One of the most useful programs i have its there just when i want it and is so easy to customize Thanks to everyone who contributed to it ....”


“I was looking for a simple and handy contact management software that i could use at work. Came across GAS Free Address Book on web and gave it a try. I certainly advise this software for anyone that is looking for a simple and efficient contact management software. Thank you for providing such a useful program.”


“After a long search we found the solution for free, thank you for this good sofware.”


“Very nice softwere for use as a address book and birthday reminder...”

William Anderson

“Was looking for a good contact manager program that would work with my 1000+ contacts on LinkedIn. By using this program I was able to download my database from LinkedIn and in just a few steps have it up and running on my desktop.

Thanks, awesome program and hope to see more in the future.”


“Nice and simple easy to use software. Using it on the home computer, Love its simplicity without the gimmicky features you sometimes get with other products. Does exactly what it says on the tin. "ADDRESS BOOK" IT WORKS FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT AN ADDRESS BOOK. My 89 year old mother is using it, if she can anyone can. 10 out of 10”

Mr M.Macaulay, MM PC Solutions. Essex UK

“I was in search of an Address book that suited my company needs; "Free Address Book" fitted it very closely but was in need of some adjustments relating to my location and business type.
I contacted GAS Software with regards to this matter and found the company very helpful and professional, creating a custom address book to fit my needs perfectly.

Many thanks for an excellent service.”


“Sofware very useful, with pretty good security, why I just found out now!! thanks”

Will Duff

“The only address book for me. Has everything I need.”

Radaly Salmasan

“Thank you so much for sharing this software at free. May God bless your company more. It was been so useful to me. ”

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