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How can I create edit and delete groups?

Our connections can be arranged into groups, which can be arranged into hierarchical structure. This means that within a group, more groups can be created to make it easier to handle our groups. The following image shows an example of a group structure:

The blue icon marked by a green arrow has to be clicked on for creating end editing of groups.

The following things can be performed on the surface:

Creating a new group

This can be performed by clicking on the New button. It is very important that the newly created group is always displayed as a subgroup of the actually chosen group. Namely if we want to add a new subgroup to the Work group, then before pressing the New button, firstly, Work group itself has to be chosen. If we want to add a new main group, (which would be in the same level as the Private and the Work groups) Contact groups permanent group has to be chosen. After adding, a group name has to be given.

Group editing

Edit button has to be pressed for editing a chosen group. Afterwards, the new group name can be typed.

Group deleting

There is an opportunity to delete groups. Deleting of a group which contains subgroups too results in deleting all the subgroups and connections belonging to them. Namely, in this example, if we delete the Work group, subgroups belonging to it (Boss, Colleagues) are also deleted. Before a final deleting the program offers an opportunity to move the connections of a subgroups and the group to be deleted into another group. This can be seen in the following image:

This example shows, if the Work group is marked for deleting, the connections in them (and connections in their subgroups) can be copied to the Private group before the final deleting. Connections of the deleted group are not arranged into the same group hierarchy like it was before, but each of them is copied into the chosen group, heaped. Our other option is to delete the connections of the deleted groups. For performing this Delete the selected group, subgroups and contacts has to be selected on the surface.